10 interesting facts about John Wick:

Keanu Reeves trained for four months with tactical firearms expert Taran Butler in preparation for his role as John Wick.

The original screenplay was titled "Scorn" and was written by Derek Kolstad in 2012.

The film's production budget was $20-30 million, and it went on to gross over $86 million worldwide.

John Wick's car, a 1969 Ford Mustang, is Reeves' own personal car.

Reeves performed many of his own stunts in the film, including the scene where he falls down stairs and gets hit by a car.

The gold coins used as currency in the film's underground society of assassins were designed specifically for the movie and have no real-world value.

The Continental Hotel, a safe haven for assassins in the film, was inspired by real-life hotels like the NoMad Hotel in New York City.