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Jul 17, 2023

8 platform games featured on Google Play Store

Priye Rai

Platform games on Play Store

Platform games require the player to run and jump his way across challenging terrain. Here are the ones that are showcased on Play Store’s ‘Run, jump, run!’ list.

Source: Google

Crossy Road

Crossy Road lets the player control a chicken or a penguin or any other available character and help it cross certain obstacles on the path. It is available for free.

Source: Google


Haak is an action platformer where you play as the titular hero who must look for a habitable land in the midst of an apocalypse. It is available for free.

Source: Google

Super Meat Boy Forever

In this game, the objective is to go through the various challenging levels and bosses in order to rescue a hostage. The game is priced at Rs 85.

Source: Google

Getting Over It

‘Getting Over It’ is a physics-based game that revolves around climbing a mountain using nothing but a hammer. It is available for Rs 480.

Source: Google

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 involves getting past traps and taking down enemies while rolling and jumping your way through the game. It is up for grabs for free.

Source: Google

Vector Classic

This parkour game requires the player to move past a series of obstacles while evading the enemies. The game is available for Rs 59.

Source: Google


Teslagrad follows the journey of a ‘Teslamancer’ exploring the Tesla Tower’s secrets using electromagnetic powers. The game is up for grabs for Rs 499.

Source: Google

Leo’s Fortune

This puzzle platformer involves overcoming various roadblocks and dodging traps across a variety of different levels. It is available for Rs 430.

Source: Google

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