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Jul 15, 2023

8 'top seller' rogue-like games on Steam (PC)

Priye Rai

‘Top seller’ rogue-like games

Rogue-like games share certain gameplay elements such as procedurally generated levels. Here are the ones that are listed as ‘top seller’ on Steam.

Source: Steam

Dead Cells

In this side-scrolling adventure, you must explore a threat-laden castle while taking down various enemies. It is available for Rs 629.

Source: Steam

Elden Ring

Elden Ring lets the player explore the fantastical Lands Between in the quest to exercise the Elden Ring’s power and become an Elden Lord. It is priced at Rs 2,599.

Source: Steam

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (GOTY Edition)

The game is set in 16th-century Japan and follows the story of a disfigured warrior who must rescue a hostage to restore his honour. The game is available for Rs 3,999.

Source: Steam

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III involves going up against giant creatures and legendary bosses using weapons and magic. It is up for grabs for Rs 4,299.

Source: Steam

Gunfire Reborn

This first-person action game lets players choose from unique characters having their own special abilities. The objective is to make your way through a series of levels while beating various foes. It is priced at Rs 869.

Source: Steam

Risk of Rain 2

The goal in Risk of Rain 2 is to find a way back to your home after being stranded in an alien planet filled with monstrous threats. The game is available for Rs 719.

Source: Steam


Hades revolves around going from dungeon to dungeon while vanquishing supernatural enemies. It is up for grabs for Rs 1,100.

Source: Steam

Dark Souls: Remastered

It is the remaster of the 2011 original that features a dark setting, fast-paced combat and unforgiving bosses. The game is priced at Rs 1,199.

Source: Steam

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