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Bloody Daddy Review

Shahid Kapoor’s Audition To Be The Desi John Wick!

Some gut-busting liners resulted in the film getting an A certificate and release on OTT (as per sources close to the film)

What's Good?

 The same old predictable storyline

What's Bad?

 Anytime in the second half which runs wild on a slippery slope

Loo Break:

Only if you’re a fan of harmless actioners

Watch or Not?

Ronit Roy adds Black to the grey characters he plays by being extra wicked with his evil smile.

Sanjay Kapoor, despite his limited screen space, gets some of the hilarious lines forming the best comedic relief amidst the chaos

All said and done, Shahid Kapoor’s transformation from Chocolaty Boy to Bloody Daddy in Bollywood is a testimonial of how amazing an actor he has turned out to be.

Last words:

Bloody Daddy review with all the nitty-gritty details! Review by: Umesh PunwaniR