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Bumble’s new feature lets you send messages before the ‘swipe’: Details

Jul 18, 2023

By: Kiran Singh

Compliments: The study

According to a recent study conducted by Bumble in June, receiving a compliment from a potential romantic partner increases interest in 85 percent of Indian users.


Weekly Compliment limit

Users can send two Compliments every week. These compliments can be directed towards a person's profile prompts, bio, or images, giving you the opportunity to appreciate various aspects of someone's personality.


Visibility of Compliments

Compliments can be seen by the recipient on their main Encounters page, as well as through the Beeline feature. Bumble also sends notifications when users receive compliments or when they launch the app with unread compliments.


Seizing the opportunity

If you find yourself interested in the person who sent you a Compliment, you will have 24 hours to swipe right and match with them before the Compliment expires, signalling your mutual interest.


Discovering Compliments

On the Beeline, users get a notification on the grey heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Tapping it leads to a new screen where you can discover up to five Compliments daily, along with a summary of the sender.


Sending Compliments

To send a Compliment, locate the recipient's profile section you want to comment on. Tap the yellow heart icon on the bottom left of the screen. A text box will open for typing your Compliment. Note: 150-character limit.


Initiating conversations

Sending a Compliment is like swiping right to show interest. If the recipient also swipes right and you match, it starts a conversation. However, if there's no match, you can only message the recipient if they respond to your Compliment.


Additional Compliments

If you run out of Compliments, fear not! Bumble allows you to purchase more Compliments directly within the app. The purchased Compliments do not expire, providing you with endless opportunities to connect.


Genuine and thoughtful approach

When sending Compliments, it's important to be genuine and thoughtful. Tailor your Compliments to the recipient's profile, showcasing your sincere interest and appreciation.


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