Coronation Quiche Made with Broad Beans Recipe – Hollywood Life

On Saturday, May 6, King Charles will officially be crowned ruler in the UK and celebrations will be worldwide. The King and Queen Camilla have chosen a very simple, but specific dish to mark the occasion.

In honor of the crowning ceremony weekend, Buckingham Palace announced that the official dish for the Coronation Big Lunch would be a coronation quiche.

The savory meal features spinach, tarragon, and broad beans, or as we call them in American, Fava beans.

To ensure everyone who wishes can join in the fun, the palace shared the official receipt for the coronation quiche from their private chef.

The directions call for homemade or store-bought pastry dough tucked into a tin.

Then, you fill in the tin with the ingredients: beans, cheddar cheese, spinach and tarragon.

The tart is finally topped off with the liquid mixture of milk, cream, eggs, herbs and seasoning.

The quiche can be enjoyed hot or cold, and the royals recommend serving it with either a “green salad and boiled new potatoes.”

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