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How to change storage location on Telegram

Jul 15, 2023

Priye Rai

Why change storage location for Telegram

Changing the storage location from internal memory to SD card may help those whose phone is running out of space.

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Telegram storage location

By default, Telegram stores all of its data in the internal storage of the phone. However, you can change this setting and make Telegram store data on the SD card instead.

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Getting started

Launch the Telegram app and tap on the hamburger menu icon (three lines) at the top left.

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Side navigation menu

Next, tap on ‘Settings’.

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Settings section

Under ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Data and storage’.

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Data and storage section

Under ‘Disk and network usage’, tap on ‘Storage Path’ and select the desired storage location.

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Confirming the change

To confirm your decision, tap on ‘Proceed’ if prompted. The confirmation pop-up only appears when you are switching from internal storage to SD card.

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Changing to SD card may come with a caveat

As per Telegram, changing the storage path to SD card slows down the app performance.

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Storage stats

In the ‘Data and Storage’ section, you can tap on ‘Storage Usage’ to check out the amount of storage used by the different types of Telegram files. From there, you can also free up some space by tapping on ‘Clear Cache’ at the bottom.

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Data stats

In the ‘Data and Storage’ section, select ‘Data Usage’ to view the amount of internet data consumed by different types of Telegram files.

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