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How to choose who can reply to your Threads post

Jul 14, 2023

By: Priye Rai

Privacy of Threads post replies

By default, anyone can reply to threads or posts shared by public accounts. On the other hand, only followers can comment on posts made by private accounts. You can also manually customise a post’s privacy and choose who can post replies.

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Why use this feature

This privacy feature may be useful for those who want to limit replies on certain posts.

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Getting started

Launch the Threads app and tap on the ‘Write post’ icon at the bottom centre.

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New Thread section

Next, tap on ‘Anyone can reply’ or ‘Your followers can reply’ at the bottom left.

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Selecting who can reply

Finally, tap on the desired option to choose the audience group that can share replies on that particular post.

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How it works

On public accounts, you can choose from anyone, the accounts you follow and the accounts you mention in the post to be able to reply. On private accounts, you can either choose the accounts you follow, your own followers or only the mentioned accounts to be able to post a reply.

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Can limit replies on old posts, too

You can limit replies on your old or existing posts as well. Just tap on the three dots at the top right of the post, select ‘Who can reply’ and choose the desired option.

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Doesn’t affect post visibility

While this feature only lets a certain group of people reply to your post, other Threads users can still see the post and also ‘like’ it.

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Doesn’t affect comment visibility

Not everyone may be able to post replies when you use this feature, but they will still be able to view the replies from those who can.

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