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Jul 18, 2023

Instagram is working on Live Activities feature on iOS: Key details

Kiran Singh

iOS 16 brings Live Activities

With the release of iOS 16, Apple introduced the Live Activities feature, allowing apps to deliver real-time updates and information to users directly on the lock screen and Dynamic Island.


Instagram joins the testing phase

Instagram is reportedly testing the Live Activities feature on its iOS devices, potentially revolutionizing the way users interact with the app.


Stay informed even when the app is closed

The Live Activities feature on Instagram enables users to view upload progress, receive notifications, and see a small preview of the content being uploaded, even when the app is closed.


Real-time upload progress

Gone are the days of repeatedly checking the app to see if your content has been uploaded. With Live Activities, users can now keep track of their uploads with a progress indicator.


Testing phase for select users

Although Instagram has not made an official announcement about Live Activities, the feature is accessible to a select group of users, suggesting that the company is currently in the testing phase.


Uber sets the precedent

The ride-hailing app, Uber implemented the Live Activities feature earlier this year. It allows riders to track their ride's live progress and receive important updates on the lock screen, enhancing convenience.


Critical information at your fingertips

With Live Activities, Uber riders can access vital information such as vehicle details, estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates, and trip status, all without needing to open the app.


Leveraging the lock screen's Dynamic Island

The Live Activities feature on iOS devices, including Instagram and Uber, uses the lock screen's Dynamic Island to provide users with real-time updates and convenient access to essential information.


The growing popularity of Live Activities

As Live Activities gain popularity, more apps are expected to integrate this functionality. This trend aims to offer users instant information and improved convenience, enhancing the overall user experience.


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