Jawan Prevue Decoding: Things That Make You Go ‘WTF, We Can’t-Wait’ For This Atlee Film - Koimoi

  Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan Prevue has stunned the audience. His Beast mode was something that was expected, and the hype around the Atlee film has now made the audience eager to watch the film.

The prevue has met mixed reactions on the internet since fans expected much more than what was delivered. From what seems, the hook of the film is a revenge drama where SRK plays a double role.

Shah Rukh Khan and his baritone present the film in the most suave manner possible. However, there are very interesting hints you might have missed.

The ‘Sanki’ Looks Interestingly the film was titled Sanki earlier. It makes much sense now since the actor can be seen on a rampage and mostly not in his senses.

The Bald Tattoo In one of the scenes, he opens his bandage, and the audience witness a bald SRK. Not only a bald SRK but bald, with a tattoo SRK. A tattoo is visible above his ear.

The Lion Ring After Sanki, the Atlee film was titled Lion; it might have a very strong connection since the actor can be seen donning a massive lion ring in one of the suspense scenes.

The Woman Power It was rumoured that Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan will lead an army of women. The prevue confirms that he does lead an army.

Deepika Padukone Now we know that none can miss DP in the prevue since she seems to rule only with a glimpse.

Let’s tighten our seatbelts because “Mausam bigadne wala hai!”