Oppenheimer in The Barbie World, Margot Robbie & other dolls in the Christopher Nolan universe - AiMoi - Koimoi

  Oppenheimer in The Barbie World & the Dolls in Nolanverse!

Cillian Murphy as Ken: By the order of Kenneth Sean Carson!

Ryan Gosling as J. Robert Oppenheimer: On his way to nuke the hearts of very many ladies!

Margot Robbie as Barbie in Nolanverse: because Barbie is Barbie in any universe!

Emily Blunt as Barbie: This Barbie is from 'A Cute Place'!

Emily Blunt as Barbie(again!): This Barbie wears Prada!

Robert Downey Jr as Ken: 'Iron Ken'

Florence Pugh as Barbie: Don't Worry Darling, we've Pugh!

Simi Liu as Leslie Groves: All he ever wanted was a normal life!

Cillian Murphy as 'Ken' (again!): This Ken means serious business!